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We are currently a small 501 c (3) non profit organization, and tax exempted.We are allowed to receive small donations from private donors or individuals. It mainly focuses on rabbits who perform animal-assisted therapy and animal activities therapy visits for health care facilities, schools, group homes, special events, and just about anywhere. We serve people of all ages with physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs by sharing the unconditional love through spirituality through our animals. and its purpose is to serve everyone with rabbit assisted therapy using all kinds of breeds ranging from 2lbs to 20lbs. We use animal assisted therapy (AAT) and animal assisted activities (AAA). We are located on a mini country ranch in the hearts of St Clair MO and a second location temporary is in the city of St Louis MO. We are within miles from Sullivan, Union and Washington MO

Mission Statement

IorekSkAAT‘s goal is to utilize specially trained and certified rabbits and other small animals to promote health, hope and healing.


• Establishing and communicating standards of practice for use of specially trained rabbits and small animals in health care setting.
• Provide education to health care professionals and facility leaders
• Educating communities on opportunities and benefits on Animal Assisted therapy/Animal assisted Activities.
• Possible opportunities of training, certifying and assuring competency of human/animal volunteer teams

Iorek’s Biography

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This is a true heart warming story that occurred in 2008 when Iorek was just 3 months old and brought life to one special lady the late Dr Santosh Kumari who departed to heaven on April 18, 2009 and Iorek was there for her until the end. Iorek brought life and compassion to her through his big eyes , intelligence, gentle heart, his gigantic size and his facial expressions. Iorek was a Flemish Giant 18 lb 3 year old light gray male rabbit certified in animal assisted therapy and the first service rabbit in the US serving the deaf.

The journey began when Iorek inspired thousands of children and adults with his certification in animal assisted therapy. Iorek is taught by Dr. Nisha Full Moon skilled in animal assisted therapy and a trained licensed animal trainer for the disabled. Iorek has embarked a new journey with Dr. Nisha Full Moon and caretaker/trainer all over Missouri to inspire people with his heart and soul. He has changed Dr. Nisha Full Moon, making her a successful lady in academics, missionary work, and the life she lives. His presence made her forget that her deafness isn’t a barrier at all and that she is capable of learning everything with her deafness. Her health complications faded away with Iorek’s healing powers most of the time.

Throughout his full 3 years of impacting people's lives, Iorek touched many hearts and even changed people and childrens' lives by boosting their esteem, empowering people and children to life to the fullest without any thoughts of danger or health impairments.

This has led to help people see that rabbits like Iorek can be such an inspiration and impact lives drastically. It has proven that Iorek has improved quality of life in people physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Down the road , other small animals will be used in animal assisted therapy for clients who may want other small animals besides rabbits. in addition to that, another type of service is the reading educational assistance dogs which rabbits will serve to empower children to read and study better in schools, and impact their lives to go to college in the future. This organization will be mainly focused on rabbits of all breeds.

Animal companions affect our well being by helping us to connect in a loving way. The connection we feel with our rabbits and other small animals can be spiritual on a number of levels.

Self Esteem:
As much as loving a family, and they are happy to see you when you come home, its the rabbit that shows the most excitement , seeing their ears ecstatically, celebrating my arrival day after day!

Rabbits can inspire you to get you or stay in shape. When you feel like skipping your morning walk , your rabbit looks at you with pleading eyes , you cant just say no. Take your rabbit in a stroller and go for a walk!

Happiness and Joy:
Rabbits are just embodied cuteness; they make us smile and laugh their precious antics. I constantly marvel at how adorable the rabbits are and I tell the rabbits every day. Most animal guardians talk to their pets, yet few admit it.

Good Karma:

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”—(Gandhi Mp) Sharing our lives with rabbits benefits our spiritual health. Once you have loved rabbits, your heart will never be the same. Rescuing a rabbit from a shelter and giving it a second chance at life is the best feeling in the world. We often wonder who actually got rescued.

In Buddhism history, rabbits and other animals are seen to be an evolving kingdom of living creatures destined in time to attain perfect enlightenment. All of life is seen to be one. Since rabbits and other animals are considered to be traveling towards enlightenment just as man is, neither are they to be harmed, discouraged or hampered n their progress. It is viewed to have a new spirit of compassion for any form of life that is weak , helpless or hurt. Even today, many animals including rabbits can be seen living in and around old temples. The old gurus and old holy men welcome and enjoy the company of these little rabbits or small animals who are drawn to the temples for reasons not unlike their own.

A story: in the mountains of the Himalayans , it was set aside centuries ago as a sanctuary to the experience of the monks of all living creatures. In this area, rabbits would walk side by side with people in true companionship. The rabbit’s natural qualities of graciousness, gentleness and dignity make them perfect messengers of the sacredness of life. It so happens that Buddha preached his first sermon. In Asian religions, there is a Mandara (sacred drawing) which depicts on a rabbit standing on a white cloud with the Tree of Life above its head. Because the rabbit is considered the messenger of universal love, meditating upon this Mandara is said to open one consciousness to the mystery of infinite peace.

In other countries in the Asian region, association with rabbits is seen to be very important experience for children since it teaches them the joy of protecting innocence. Just imagine what would happen if all the children in the world found happiness in graciously protecting life , preserving freedom and delighting in the happiness of others. Children who are raised with such a loving and protective attitude towards rabbits are seldom cruel to them as adults and thoughtfulness and kindness spill all over into their interaction with all of life.

Rabbits are works of art more wondrous than anything man is capable of creating. How can we be gentle in the way we handle our material possessions and careless with the precious life of a rabbit? Rabbits long to have faith and trust in us, and often do have faith loyalty that far surpass anything in the human realm.

In the West, the belief that rabbits and other animals are evolving towards enlightenment and seek the comforts of spirituality and union with God would be considered an extreme perspective at best. It is interesting to note , however, that the birds and little creatures(rabbits and other small animals) of the forest gathered at the feet of St Francis of Assisi as he spoke to them of their Creator. His great mystic heart reached out to his “little brothers and sisters” as he called them, while on the other side of the world , other views in Asia selected the same terms to describe rabbits and other animals.

If you are inspired to add a rabbit companion to your life, please make a decision carefully. Being a rabbit guardian is a long-term commitment. If you are interested in having a rabbit companion, but aren’t sure you are ready for a commitment , please consider our organization to volunteer and learn the rabbit care.

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